Faith is not just a personal relationship with God - but also having one with other believers. That's why every week we try to meet with people to study the Bible together, to pray together and to have fellowship with one another. We would be happy about a personal meeting with you. 


We maintain a vibrant and active life. Whether you're a growing family or a student, single, working, or retired, you have a place with us to live, grow, and serve as an indispensable member of Christ's Body.


We warmly invite you!


Bible Study and Home Meeting

Gather with believers in your neighborhood for dinner, singing, Bible study, prayer, and daily fellowship. Dad, mom, the kids—everybody’s involved!


Studenten Treffen an der Universität (Saarbrücken)

Campus Treffen über Kaffee

Bibel und Spaß


Christian Students in the Campus (Saarbrücken)


Lord’s Day


Special Events